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Printing of translated documents

Today there is more and more demand for services of a “turnkey” translation of documents when the translated document is provided to the client in printed form. This service allows you to save time and money by ordering all necessary services in one place. For this reason, WordPrime offers services of printing of translated documents. At that, it is possible to order an unlimited number of copies for printing.

We perform printing of the most various materials, including:

  • Maintenance instructions;
  • Contracts;
  • Graduation theses;
  • Technical documentation;
  • Notarized documents and much more.

At the request of the client, our specialists may carry out the makeup of the translated document so that the printed-out document completely corresponds to the original, including:

  • Type size;
  • Headings, subtitles, paragraphs layout;
  • Marked lists layout;
  • Footnotes layout;
  • Pages numeration, etc.

Printing of materials is performed on modern hi-tech equipment that allows for the high quality of printed documents. The price of printing in WordPrime depends on the volume of the material to be printed out and also on the additional services to be provided, for example, makeup or delivery services.

Ordering printing in WordPrime

Ordering printing in our company, you receive completely ready materials that can be used for the designated purpose immediately. Quite often we are asked to perform translation of documents with the subsequent printing for:

  • Submission of documents to a foreign consulate;
  • Submission of documents to the place of work or study;
  • Sending documents to foreign institutions, etc.

With our experienced specialists and the integrated approach, we guarantee high quality and the excellent result of our work for each client.

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After sending the form, our manager will contact you to confirm the order. So that we can accurately calculate the cost and deadline for your order, please attach the files for translation. We guarantee complete confidentiality!

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