Предпечатная подготовка переведенных материалов в Москве - Бюро переводов

Prepress preparation of translated materials

Today there is more and more demand for the services of prepress preparation of translated materials. Prepress preparation is carried out before sending the material to the printing house and comprises all the necessary operations, including preparation of the draft, color correction, combination of layers, etc.

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Different categories of clients come to WordPrime for services of prepress preparation: architects and engineers, designers and technical workers as well as representatives of other professions who work with printed materials in foreign languages. Our specialists have extensive experience in prepress preparation of translated materials; therefore, we can execute orders of any complexity and volume.

When making prepress preparation, it is important to consider all points that can have an impact on the quality of printed materials. For example, the high resolution doesn't always guarantee the clearness and brightness of the image, especially if the printing device has no technical capacities for it. Incompetent use of effects can also significantly reduce the product quality thus making it necessary to reprint materials.

In order not to pay the extra price for the errors identified in the course of printing, come to WordPrime and order services of prepress preparation of translated materials. Our specialists can help you even in the case when the document shall be prepared taking into account the characteristics of equipment of a certain printing house.

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