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Translation of audio recordings

For several years now, WordPrime has been providing translations of the text content of any kind. Recently the services of translation of audio recordings have been in great demand.

The process of transcription of audio recordings includes listening and transcribing of the material by the translator, translation, and creation of the final version of the translation in the form of a written document or audio file, depending on the requirements of the customer.

Each project is performed in our company by a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience. We are ready to make transcribing of an audio recording and its translation in the shortest possible time. The time required for the translation of an audio recording as well as the cost of services depends on the following:

  • the size of the original version;
  • the need for dubbing;
  • the quality of the sound;
  • the subject matter of the provided material.

Why you should work with WordPrime

We guarantee the high quality of work and compliance with deadlines. Due to the professionalism of our translators, each transcription will be executed at the highest level of quality. We also guarantee the accuracy of the translation of audio materials.

We treat each order responsibly and we consider all the requirements of the client. Working with WordPrime you can be sure that the work will be performed by the real experts in their field – translators and linguists, who underwent careful selection and treat their duties seriously. Each translation is thoroughly checked for mistakes and typos.

How to order

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After sending the form, our manager will contact you to confirm the order. So that we can accurately calculate the cost and deadline for your order, please attach the files for translation. We guarantee complete confidentiality!

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