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Translation of web-sites

Some major online services, such as Google, offer translation of sites in the automatic mode. Of course, the translation of a web page, in this case, cannot be 100% accurate, which sometimes leads to quite funny results. In certain cases the information component of the website translated automatically is completely distorted. In order to avoid such problems, we recommend you to order professional website translation in WordPrime. Our specialists work with:

  • Foreign online stores;
  • Foreign websites offering various services;
  • Any information websites;
  • Personal blogs;
  • Corporate pages;
  • Social networks and other content.

A website translation is executed by taking into account its specifics - by a linguist with additional specialized education, and then the text is checked by an editor and a proof-reader. As a result, such a scheme makes it possible to get a properly translated material which corresponds completely to the original. If the client orders the translation of a website and wants to preserve its original layout, then a specialist in website coding is involved in the process.

Wanting to save some money, many website owners try to translate their sites by themselves, which eventually leads to multiple mistakes and inaccuracies. Their subsequent correction takes a lot of time and requires additional expenses. In order to avoid such problems, it's better to entrust this work to professionals from WordPrime – they have the necessary expertise and experience and are capable to perform translations of varying complexity. We offer our clients the services of urgent and regular translation of any volume at competitive prices. Coming to us, you can be sure that the result will not disappoint you.

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