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Legalization of documents

If documents are issued for the countries that did not sign the Hague Convention, legalization is performed instead of apostillization. In comparison to the apostilization, legalization is a more complex and time-consuming procedure. When legalizing a document, the stamps of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the consulates of the country for which the document is being prepared are required. The legalization of a document takes 2 weeks.

When you need legalization:

Legalization of documents is necessary when they are submitted to the official institutions of another country. Consular legalization may be required in the following cases:

  • to work or study abroad (diploma, certificate);
  • to register a marriage in another country (birth, divorce certificates);
  • to receive an inheritance abroad (certificate of birth, marriage, death);
  • to move for permanent residency abroad (birth, marriage, police clearance certificates);
  • to process transactions abroad (power of attorney, bank statements);
  • to do business abroad (constituent documents of a legal entity, bank statements, powers of attorney).

When you do not need legalization:

  • If the organization to which the document will be sent does not require its legalization;
  • If the destination country has signed the 1961 Hague Convention;
  • If the document relates to the type of documents not subject to legalization (customs declarations, agreements on the supply of goods and the provision of various services, invoices, documents on the movement of goods across the border, etc.).

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