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Financial translation

Today, financial translations have become a popular service. This is due to the development of international relations, investments in foreign companies, creation of various international banking systems. The financial translation may be required both for individuals and legal entities. Translation of financial documentation is needed for most Russian companies that are switching to international financial and accounting standards (GAAP, IFRS). For individuals, a financial translation may be necessary to conduct banking operations abroad, as well as to invest in overseas property or securities.

We translate the following types of financial documents:

  • audit reports;
  • accounting and financial statements;
  • bank documentation (balance sheet, bank statements, invoices, etc.);
  • tax documentation (tax returns, personal income tax returns, tax reporting, etc.);
  • insurance documentation (insurance policies, contracts).

Financial translation is a specific area of ​​translation which is characterized by a narrow focus. Therefore, special requirements are placed on the translator who works with financial documents. Such a specialist should not only be proficient in a foreign language but also be familiar with financial topics. Since the text contains a lot of precision information (numbers, dates, etc.), when working with it, the translator must be extremely attentive and accurate. A slightest inaccuracy or error can cause significant damage to the company.

Why you should contact WordPrime for financial translation:

  • translation of financial documents is carried out by specialists with additional financial or economic education;
  • the translator takes into account which country the document is being prepared for, as the financial terminology used in Europe, Asia, and the USA may differ significantly;
  • documentation layout conforms to the generally accepted international standards;
  • the text passes a three-stage quality control system: a translator, an editor, a proof-reader;
  • strict confidentiality is maintained with regard to all documentation;
  • we offer competitive prices.

If you require a translation of financial documents, contact us! We employ only experienced professionals who have a perfect command of the specialized terminology. We guarantee the accuracy and high quality of translations as well as work with any language pairs and texts of any complexity.

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