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Medical translation

Medical translation is one of the most difficult types of translation since the health and life of a person depend on the accuracy and correctness of the text. A medical translator shall be well-versed in medicine and shall know medical terminology. That’s why medical translations at WordPrime are performed only by specialists having specialized medical education and professional experience in the medical field.

We translate the following types of medical documents:

  • Scientific literature (articles, monographs, texts, reports, etc.).
  • Medical documents of natural persons (medical records, certificates, results of medical research, etc.).
  • Pharmaceutical documentation (research protocols, instructions for preparations, etc.).
  • Medical equipment documentation (instructions, assembly manuals, etc.).

Specific features of medical translation:

  • accuracy - the content of the translated text must fully comply with the original.
  • compliance - the medical terminology adopted in the country of destination shall be used.
  • semantic unambiguity - each term must be accurately defined; the polysemy of the same term is unacceptable.
  • need for transcribing - medical documents of natural persons presented in the handwritten form are often written in illegible handwriting and require transcribing.

Why you should come to WordPrime for medical translation:

  • Translations are carried out only by specialists with specialized medical education.
  • Technical medical translations are performed by medical equipment specialists.
  • All information is kept strictly confidential.
  • We work with any kind of documents, including those presented in handwritten form, written in the infamous “medical” handwriting.
  • We offer our customers competitive prices as well as perform express orders.

If you need a translation of medical documents, contact us. We employ only single-discipline specialists who have a good knowledge of the subject of translation. Our translators constantly improve their professional level, so that we guarantee high quality and accuracy of translations.

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