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Translation of agreements

Translation of agreements is a complex work requiring special attention. When translating agreements, one should not depart from the original text or use the wrong terminology. The company’s reputation depends on the competence and accuracy of the agreement translation. The WordPrime translation agency guarantees 100% quality and confidentiality for each order. An agreement is a legal document, therefore, stricter requirements are applied to the translation of such document.

Special aspects of the agreement translation

  • Correct delivery of the meaning of the document.
  • Absence of duplicating definitions and correct translation of special terminology and abbreviations.
  • Use of official and business lexicon.
  • Proper layout taking into account requirements to business documentation.

The way we work

  • Only highly-skilled employees work on translations.
  • We guarantee translation accuracy.
  • We observe the confidentiality of all information.
  • We carry out translations of texts of any complexity.

Cost depends on the following conditions:

  • the volume of the original text;
  • the language rarity;
  • the urgency of the order.

Ordering translation

It is very easy to order a translation in WordPrime. Call us or come to our office. You can also visit our website and fill a contact form or send a request by e-mail.

Ordering translations of agreements in WordPrime, you get an accurate and high-quality translation. We work fast and observe confidentiality. The translation of texts of any complexity will be executed by our specialists to a fixed deadline. The experience and high qualification of our employees is the key to a successful result of our work.

How to order

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After sending the form, our manager will contact you to confirm the order. So that we can accurately calculate the cost and deadline for your order, please attach the files for translation. We guarantee complete confidentiality!

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