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Interpretation of interviews

Interpretation of interviews is one of the most complicated tasks for an interpreter. Even an insignificant inaccuracy when interpreting can negatively affect the reputation of the interviewee. Personal qualities of an interpreter, such as ability to concentrate, quick reaction, resourcefulness, spacious mind, etc., play a great role in interpretation.

Special aspects of the interview interpretation

A range of conditions and circumstances can influence the interpretation of an interview. Major factors influencing the work of an interpreter are the following:

  • Individual peculiarities of the speaker’s voice.
  • Uncomfortable conditions of communication (street noise, airport, etc.).
  • Barely audible speech.

Interview interpretation types

One-way interpretation means that an interpreter makes an interpretation from one language to another. Two-way interpretation is the interpretation in both directions made by one specialist.

The most popular type of interpretation is consecutive interpretation; it is often used at conferences, meetings, during telephone negotiations and guided tours. An interpreter makes interpretation of separate sentences or phrases during pauses made by the speaker.

Simultaneous interpretation, when the interpreter carries out the interpretation in parallel with the speech of the speaker, is considered the most difficult type of interpretation. Such qualities of a simultaneous interpreter as resistance to stress, quick reaction, good memory, fine pronunciation are important for ensuring high-quality simultaneous interpretation. Most often such type of interpretation is used on radio or television.

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