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WordPrime offers services of subtitling. Imposing of subtitles is used in various areas, for example, in localization of movies, advertising videos, lectures, and other audiovisual works.

There are two types of subtitling:

  • Subtitling in one language is a creation of subtitles in the language of the audio recording. This type of subtitling is chosen most often for presentations, advertising videos, etc.
  • Interlingual subtitling is the translation of an audio recording from the original language to the target language in the form of one or several lines of a synchronized written text. This type of subtitling is especially popular in the film industry.

Each type of subtitling requires participation of a translator and a video editor.

Subtitling is performed in several stages:

  1. Coordination of the task with the client and receiving primary material for work.
  2. Selection of specialists for the execution of work.
  3. Viewing and transcription of audiovisual materials.
  4. Translation of the transcribed text (if necessary).
  5. Coordination of the translation with the client.
  6. Imposing of subtitles according to timing.
  7. Final verification of video with the imposed subtitles.
  8. Saving video recording in the format convenient for the client.
  9. Transferring finished material to the client.

Benefits of WordPrime are obvious:

  • Many years of experience.
  • The efficiency of work.
  • A translation accuracy guarantee.
  • Special programs for work with audiovisual materials.
  • A large staff of highly skilled translators.
  • A reliable system of quality check with a multistage control.
  • Competitive prices.

Choosing WordPrime translation agency, you get a reliable partner. We guarantee the accuracy of translation and provision of services of experienced professionals. If you want to receive high-quality subtitling and save time and money, contact us.

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