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Translation of technical documentation

Translation of technical documentation is a difficult task requiring from a translator not only masterful use of special terminology, but also certain expertise in the specific area. The accuracy and correctness of the translation in the technical area is of great importance as the incorrect translation can lead to breakage of equipment or even to a major accident at the enterprise.

WordPrime treats the translation of technical documentation with special responsibility:

  • Our technical translators have not only linguistic education but also additional specialized education in the area in which they make a translation;
  • After completion of translation the text is checked by an editor and a proofreader for the uniformity of style and lack of mistakes and typos;
  • The customer receives the translated text on the scheduled time.

We work with different categories of clients: large public institutions, commercial organizations, natural persons. We undertake translation both of large texts in several hundreds of pages and of small documents, for example, user instructions.

What types of texts we translate

Specialists of WordPrime provide translation of any technical documentation:

  • Patents;
  • Manufacturing standards;
  • Scientific and technical research papers;
  • Description of products;
  • Accompanying documentation;
  • Operation manuals;
  • Technical specifications, etc.

The translator who is engaged in the translation of a technical document knows well the subject of the text to be translated and the respective terminology. Our specialists regularly improve their level of knowledge and work with the latest industry reference books and dictionaries allowing for the constant high quality of translations.

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