Перевод уставных документов в Москве - Бюро переводов

Translation of statutory documents

Translation of statutory documents is required for incorporation and registration of a legal entity on the territory of a foreign state.

Such translation may be necessary for a Russian company planning to enter a foreign market. If a foreign company decides to carry out its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation, then it will also need to provide a package of statutory documents translated into Russian.

Translation of statutory documents is a complicated legal translation requiring high qualification and responsibility of a translator.

Special aspects of the translation of statutory documents:

  • The statutory document is a legal document. Therefore, translation of such documents shall be made by a translator who understands nuances of legal regulation in the respective country of the original language.
  • The text has a great number of precise information (names of organizations, addresses, bank details, etc.), which shall be translated as precisely as possible. The smallest inaccuracy can result in the invalidity of the document and cause problems when submitting documents to registration and in other institutions.
  • Documents shall be properly executed taking into account requirements to documents for notary certification.

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