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Technical translation

Today technical translation has become a popular service. This is due to the active development of the technical sphere and the need for information exchange between technical specialists speaking different languages. We translate such technical documents as instructions, manuals, drawings, sketches, specifications, etc.  We translate technical documents for the following industries:

  • mechanical engineering;
  • light and heavy industry;
  • rocket and space industry;
  • aviation industry;
  • oil industry;
  • construction, etc.

Mere knowledge of a foreign language is not enough to execute a high-quality technical translation. The translator of technical texts must possess special technical knowledge and be familiar with the technical processes and principles of operation of various equipment. The technical translation should be performed as correctly and accurately as possible since inaccuracies in translation can lead to misuse and breakdown of equipment. Therefore, the translation of technical texts in our company is carried out only by specialists with additional specialized education or work experience in the relevant field.

Why you should order a technical translation in WordPrime:

  • The translation is carried out by specialists with additional specialized education;
  • The final text passes a three-stage quality control system: a translator, an editor, a proof-reader;
  • Confidentiality is maintained with regard to all documentation;
  • We offer competitive prices.

If you require translation of technical texts, please contact WordPrime. We will select a translator specializing in the industry you need. All our specialists involved in the translation of technical documentation possess the appropriate competence and have a perfect command of special terminology. This ensures high quality and accuracy of the translation. Entrust translation to professionals and receive the finished document that is fully clear to the technical specialists of the destination country.

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