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English technical translation

Today there is more and more demand for the services of technical translation offered by WordPrime. This is due to the constant development of the technical sphere and the emergence of advanced technologies intended for the international market.

Our specialists provide a translation of the following:

  • Operating instructions;
  • User manuals;
  • Drawings and sketches;
  • Scientific and technical articles and other technical documentation.

When performing a technical translation, a translator shall have good knowledge of the subject matter in which he makes a translation. That’s why we involve in the translation of technical texts not only professional linguists with many years of experience but also specialists with technical education.

After the translation, the text is checked by an editor and a proofreader, who monitor the observance of the unity of style, the absence of errors and typos. Due to such a multiple quality control system, the accuracy and high quality of translations are ensured.

Why you should come to WordPrime for technical translation

Our company has several advantages that set it apart from competitors:

  • We employ only professional translators who have additional specialized technical education;
  • We provide high-quality translation and guarantee no errors and misprints;
  • Strict confidentiality is maintained with respect to all technical documentation our translators work with;
  • We offer our clients affordable prices and execute express orders.

Ordering services of technical translation in WordPrime, you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality translation in a timely manner.

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After sending the form, our manager will contact you to confirm the order. So that we can accurately calculate the cost and deadline for your order, please attach the files for translation. We guarantee complete confidentiality!

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