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Interpretation at negotiations

WordPrime provides services of interpreting at negotiations. The correct understanding by partners of each other is an important factor of any successful negotiation. The presence of a professional interpreter at negotiations is necessary to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings in the course of business communication. An experienced specialist will help you not only to better understand your partners but will also explain behaviour patterns that are often related to cultural differences.

Every specialist working at WordPrime holds the relevant higher education degree and has extensive professional experience. The interpreter is selected by taking into account the subject matter of negotiations, at that, special requirements of the client are considered (dress code, etc.).

We provide the services of:

  • consecutive interpretation of negotiations (interpretation is carried out during pauses made by the speaker);
  • simultaneous interpretation of negotiations (interpretation is carried out in parallel with the speech of the speaker);
  • whispered interpreting (interpretation is whispered to the client simultaneously with the speech of the speaker).

To ensure the quality of interpretation during the negotiation process it is recommended to provide the interpreter with the main background information (names of participants of the meeting, the name of the companies where they work, their positions, the purpose of the meeting, etc.).

Why you should come to WordPrime?

Employing the services of our translators, you can be sure that your meeting will be held at the top level. Our interpreter will observe business ethics and provide comfortable negotiations. WordPrime guarantees the successful result of your negotiations.

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