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Simultaneous interpretator

Simultaneous interpretation is used at conferences, symposiums, summits, and other major public events in which representatives of different countries take part. At that, the interpretation shall be carried out for a large audience present at the event, or into several languages simultaneously.

WordPrime provides services of simultaneous interpretation when an interpreter carries out the interpretation in parallel with the speaker. We also provide special equipment for simultaneous interpretation which is installed in a separate room.

There are several types of simultaneous interpretation:

  • interpretation by ear when an interpreter perceives speech which goes as a continuous stream through the headphones and voices the translation into the microphone;
  • interpretation with the help of the printed text of the speech provided in advance, at that, the interpreter follows the speaker’s speech and shall be ready to change the translation if the speaker deviates from the original text;·         simultaneous reading from the paper - an interpreter reads the previously translated text of the speech in parallel with the speech of the author.

WordPrime provides services of highly qualified simultaneous interpreters who have the relevant education. Each of them has a good command of a foreign language, can quickly grasp the situation, and has a good memory and clear diction thus ensuring high quality of simultaneous interpretation.

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Why you should come to us and order services of simultaneous interpretation:

  • we employ professionals;
  • we ensure high quality of work;
  • we select a simultaneous translator taking into account any requirements of the client;
  • we offer competitive prices.

If you order simultaneous interpretation services in WordPrime, you save considerable time at important events, especially when several working languages ​​are used. We guarantee the selection of a professional interpreter who will meet all your requirements.

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