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Oral interpretation

Today, oral interpretation has become a very popular service. Oral interpretation is necessary for successful communication between people speaking different languages. This type of interpretation is used during negotiations, conferences, presentations and other events. The complexity of such type of interpretation lies in the fact that the interpreter cannot use any reference book or dictionary during the interpretation process and must rely only on the knowledge base that he or she has. Therefore, the success of oral interpretation entirely depends on the professionalism and skill of the interpreter, as well as on his or her ability to perceive the information presented by the speaker and to convey it to the audience.

Types of oral interpretation:

Consecutive interpretation – when the interpreter interprets during pauses made by the speaker. This type of interpretation is used at events with a small number of participants when there are no strict time limits (telephone calls, meetings, seminars, exhibitions, interpretation at the notary, etc.). Simultaneous interpretation – when the interpreter interprets in parallel with the speaker’s speech. This type of interpretation is used at large public events with a tight schedule that cannot be broken (conferences, forums, etc.). The implementation of simultaneous interpretation requires special equipment (soundproof cabins, consoles, microphones, headphones). Prices for simultaneous interpretation are higher due to the need to rent equipment, the complexity of the process and the high qualification of specialists in simultaneous interpretation. 

Why you should order interpretation services in WordPrime?

  • we provide services of experienced interpreters only;
  • we employ professionals specializing in a specific subject and form of oral interpretation;
  • we serve events with any number of participants;
  • we rent equipment for simultaneous interpretation;
  • we offer competitive prices.

If you require oral interpretation, contact us! We will provide the best specialists working with the language and subject you need, and guarantee high-quality interpretation at any event. All our interpreters have perfect interpretation skills and extensive experience in this field. With our interpreters, your event will be held at the highest level and all the necessary information will be conveyed to the audience as accurately as possible.

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