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Translation of software

Information technology development has led to active use of foreign software in the most various areas. To work with this or that digital product it is necessary to understand it. Therefore, the service of software translation is in high demand today.

Competent translation of software is important for organizations whose work is related to the development of programs, games, mobile apps and other services. Such translation allows developers to promote their product in foreign markets, thereby expanding the consumer audience and increasing profits. If you require high-quality translation of software, then WordPrime is here to help. We translate:

  • Any kind of software;
  • Instructions and user manuals;
  • Technical reviews;
  • Press releases, articles and other IT materials.

Translation of software is done not by one person, but by a whole team of highly qualified specialists: a translator, a consultant with specialized education, a proofreader, and an editor. Such an approach makes it possible to get a guaranteed high-quality and accurate translation.

Ordering software translation in WordPrime, you can count on your order being ready in the shortest possible time at the most competitive prices. We work with both regular and urgent orders, without restrictions on volume and subject. At the same time, you can be sure that all information provided will be kept in strict confidentiality.

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