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Lease of equipment

Efficient cooperation with foreign companies implies intensive communication in the form of meetings, conferences, and other events. The complete process of information exchange can only happen if both parties understand each other fully. Such communication often requires simultaneous interpretation with the use of special equipment.

If it’s too expensive to buy new equipment, WordPrime can lease it to you. Such an option will be convenient for one-time meetings or events.

A stationary or mobile soundproof translator booth is included in the equipment package if there is no special room at the event. The booth is designed and equipped in such a way as to provide complete sound isolation. It contains a dashboard and a workplace for the interpreter.

A set of equipment for simultaneous interpretation includes the following:

  • a control unit;
  • a translator's panel;
  • an infrared signal sensor;
  • an infrared receiver with an earphone for listeners;
  • a suitcase for transportation and recharge of receivers.

The equipment is very convenient in use and does not require any special skills and knowledge.

Benefits of the equipment lease with WordPrime

If you require the lease of equipment for simultaneous interpretation, we are here to help. What makes us different:

  • we work only with reliable developers and suppliers;
  • we set up the equipment for various formats of events;
  • we perform technical maintenance;
  • we ensure high-quality functioning of the system provided;
  • we provide services of simultaneous interpreters;
  • we lease the equipment at reasonable prices;
  • we provide special offers to regular customers;
  • we can work under tight deadlines.

WordPrime provides services on the lease of a system for simultaneous interpretation equipped with high-quality signal transmission and filtration of extraneous noise.

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