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Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is a type of interpretation that is used during major events such as conferences, symposia, seminars, etc. This type of interpretation is characterized by a high price, which is associated with the need to rent or purchase special equipment: a soundproof cabin, a microphone, and headphones. However, the high price of simultaneous interpretation is justified by the time it saves: compared with a consecutive interpretation, the length of the event is reduced by one and a half / two times. The use of simultaneous interpretation also improves the status of the event and ensures a comfortable perception of information by listeners.

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most difficult types of interpretation because it requires tremendous concentration from the interpreter. The interpreter must make interpretation almost simultaneously with the speaker; the allowable lag is 2-3 seconds. A good synchronist should not only have a good command of a foreign language but also possess a number of professional qualities: clear diction, good memory, quick reaction capability, resistance to stress, ability to concentrate on the speaker's speech and not be distracted by extraneous factors.

At large and long-lasting events synchronists work in pairs, alternating each other. This ensures continuity and a fast rate of interpretation.

Why you should order simultaneous interpretation in WordPrime:

  • we provide services of experienced interpreters only who know the  terminology of the discussion on the professional level;
  • at the request of the customer, we provide the interpreter’s CV;
  • we lease equipment for simultaneous interpretation;
  • we work with any language pairs;
  • we offer competitive prices.

If you need simultaneous interpretation, contact us! Our translation agency provides a full range of services for the linguistic support of events. We will select an interpreter based on the subject of your event and provide all the necessary equipment for simultaneous interpretation. When you order services from us, you can be sure that your conference, seminar or negotiations will be successful and will be carried out at the highest level.

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